ER Partners

ER Partners is for the passionate creators of Eternal Return and to establish
relationships for various events in the future.

ER Partners Benefits

5,000 NP every month

  • 5,000 NP for each creator to really enjoy Eternal Return and make awesome content.

Exclusive Mark for ER Partners

  • A mark that shows your partnership with Eternal Return will be given to ER Partners. You can upload the mark with the Eternal Return official website URL to the Twitch information column, or you can post it on your YouTube community page.

Invitation to Eternal Return events

  • Some ER Partners may be invited to offline or online Eternal Return events.

ER Partners Qualifications

ER Creators also get the opportunity to become ER Partners when they meet the qualifications. The qualifications of ER Partners will be renewed every month, and Partner memberships may be redeemed upon renewal. In addition, if you fail to meet the qualifications, your membership may be withdrawn without notice.

This system is subject to change based on Partner feedback and internal discussions.


  • 19 years old or older
  • 5,000+ average views of YouTube video or 50+ average viewers of stream

Continuous content

  • At least 3 streams a week, 20+ hours of stream per month, content upload at least once a week

Consent to use of user-generated content for marketing

Compliance with Nimble Neuron operation policy and ban policy

Players that engage in unfair play or behaviors like teaming, inappropriate language, bug abuse, use of unauthorized programs, etc. that ruin fair games may be banned from the program.

About the rewards

  • Submitted content will be used to measure qualifications of ER Creators. If you are qualified, monthly rewards will be sent after the first Monday of every month.

Ban Policy 

  • If you are banned due to misconduct or illegal use of programs, you’ll be removed from ER Partners.
  • In the case of inappropriate comments or behavior (e.g. nationality, race, gender, politics, religion, controversies, etc.) during the streams or videos, or are banned for more than 14 days in the game, we will take action according to the severity of the issue. 
  • If you are banned, all the rewards will be deducted and you'll be barred from ER Creators.