ER Creators

ER Creators is a program that supports creators who mainly create content around Eternal Return.
We support the growth of our ER Creators through various activities in Eternal Return.

ER Creators Benefits

1,200NP every month

  • 1,200 NP will be sent to all the ER Creators who were active during the month.

Qualifications of ER Creators


  • At least 6 streams and 5 hours total per month, 10+ average viewers per month


  • At least 4 videos per month, 500+ views per month

  ER Creators may qualify to become ER Partners. Click here for more details about ER Partners.

Content Submission

  • Please upload your channel name and every URL to #submit-content channel.
  • If you fail to submit content, you WILL NOT receive rewards.

About the rewards

  • Submitted content will be used to check qualifications of ER Creators.
  • If you qualify, monthly rewards will be sent after the first Monday of every month.

How to apply to be an ER Creator

  • You can apply for ER Creators through the “Apply/Submit” tab of the site.
  • After the application, the application will be decided after internal discussion.

Ban Policy

  • You will be removed from ER Creators if you do not submit any content for a month. You must reapply again.

  • In the case of any inappropriate comments or behavior (e.g. nationality, race, gender, politics, religion, controversies, etc.) during the streams or videos, or if you were banned for more than 14 days in the game, we will take action according to the severity of the issue. 

  • If you are banned, all rewards will be deducted and you'll be barred from ER Creators.